Journal Of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics, No. 14 (7) /2013, Suceava
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 Towards Preserving The Confidentiality Of Information In A Local Area Network (LAN) Messaging System
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 Aderonke Favour-Bethy THOMPSON, Otasowie IYARE, Boniface Kayode ALESE
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Messaging system remains preeminent as the medium of official communication. The fear of confidentiality being breached has led many organizations in developing various ways in checking the excesses of unwanted users. In the messaging system designed, users are allowed to send and receive messages with the options of either encrypting the data or not. The Substitution Permutation Network (SPN), an AES encryption algorithm, implemented in the messaging system makes information sent over the network ‘useless’ when compromised so as to reduce the damage done whenever sensitive and classified information gets to the wrong hands. The application was implemented and tested and was found to be effective.