NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all members that the 6th Meeting of University Convocation has been scheduled to hold as follows:


            Date:               Thursday, 22nd November, 2012

            Time:              3.00 p.m.

            Venue:           Prof. Theodore Idibiye Francis Auditorium


Any member of Convocation who has item(s) to be listed on the agenda is requested to submit such item(s) in form of a Paper to reach me not later than 12.00 noon Friday, 9th November, 2012.


Members are requested to note that as the tenure of the incumbent representative of Convocation on the University Council, Engr. Ayodele Oke elected for a term of four years effective from 19th November, 2008 will lapse on 18th November, 2012, a vacancy will be created in that position with effect from 19th November, 2012.


Consequently, arrangement is being made for an election to take place at the scheduled meeting to fill the vacancy.  Relevant sections of the University Act provide as follows:


  1. Schedule 3, Article 1 (f) of the University Act: “the Council shall consist of: … one person appointed by Convocation from among its members.”
  2. Schedule 3 Article 5 (1) of the University Act: Convocation shall consist of:
    • a)     Principal Officers of the University
    • b)     All teachers within the meaning of the Act
    • c)     All other persons whose names are registered in accordance with the following:
      • He is either a graduate of FUTA or a person satisfying such requirements as may be prescribed for the purpose of this paragraph; and
      • He applies for the registration of his name in the prescribed manner and pays the prescribed fees.


In pursuance of the above therefore, please find attached herewith, the Nomination Paper for the purpose of the election.  Duly completed Form should be forwarded to reach the undersigned on or before 12.00 noon on Friday, 9th November, 2012.


The Registrar can be reached by phone on 0803-401-6340 or via email, [email protected].


Thank you.