Striving for Excellence and Consolidating FUTA's  Position in the Comity of Global Universities in 2020

I, on behalf of the Governing council, Senate and Members of the University management team, congratulate all of us for the grace of making it to 2020. It is my prayer that this year will be a very fruitful, fulfilling and rewarding one for us all and for our great University - FUTA.
I acknowledge in particular the tremendous support from all staff, alumni and other stakeholders of our university. I hereby express my deep appreciation for the collaborative efforts of each member of staff which facilitated the remarkable achievements recorded in 2019. I personally appreciate your unalloyed support towards the development of our dear University. Similarly, I commend the leadership (of the students’ union) and the entire students’ body for the maintenance of a peaceful academic session and for sustaining university’s academic culture.
FUTA has made progress in several ways; our ranking has soared higher and the university received positive reports on the degree programmes presented for accreditation exercise conducted by the National Universities Commissions (NUC). There are new breakthroughs in research and products development, our students and alumni won laurels at both national and international competitions and many research grants were awarded to brilliant scholars in FUTA. Various stakeholders are rallying support on matters that make our University truly the first and the best. I wish to place on record the outstanding interventions of members of Council, Senate and all well-meaning members of the university community. For these achievements, I say a big thank  you.
At the turn of every New Year, people spend time to reminiscence and evaluate the year gone by and make plans for the new one. As you engage in your personal reflection, take a moment to think of what you can contribute to make FUTA a world-class University of Technology and a Centre of Excellence in training, research and service delivery.
We should move out of our comfort zone, rededicate ourselves to our core mandates and think outside the box in order to develop products that are relevant to the needs of the society. Note that, Great Universities are built by great people and greatness will not come by chance but by hard-work and tenacity of purpose. We must continue to make significant contributions and break new grounds in research and innovation that are vital to national development and advancement. Let’s activate our ‘can-do spirit’ and continue to strive for excellence and the consolidation of FUTA’s leading position in the comity of universities.
FUTA’s past successes and achievements had always been as results of team effort. We are determined to take the University to greater heights of global prominence. These expected goals can only be attained through collective commitment, dedication and team spirit. I sincerely hope to receive your continuing support . The future, for us, is bright.
It is our hope that the 2019/2020 session will run smoothly and peacefully without any hitch. The university management will embark on the following activities this year (2020):
1. Comprehensive review of the curricular in different departments to satisfy 21st century requirement.
2. Recruitment of competent personnel into approved vacant positions.
3. Acquisition and installation of new equipment and facilities to improve delivery of postgraduate degree options in Artificial intelligence (IA), Machine learning, Data analytics, Internet of things (IoT) and Robotics.
4. Implementation of the proposal for the establishment of School of Logistics, Innovation and Technology in place of School of Management Technology with degree programmes in Industrial technology, Project Management, Logistics and Transport Technology, Techno-preneurship and Financial Technology (FINTECH).
5. Deployment of learning management system.
6. Introduction of Post-graduate diploma in blended learning technology and pedagogy (compulsory programme for all PhD degree students).
7. Procurement and installation of ICT infrastructure required at the Centre of Open and Distance learning.
8. Resource verification for degree programmes in Mechatronics, Chemical Engineering, Welding Engineering, Medical Laboratory Science, by NUC in March 2020.
9. Provision of more opportunities for capacity building through split-site post graduate programmes and provide research grants to young scientists.
10. Development of additional university/industry linkage programmes.
11. Establishment of three start-ups in the university in collaboration with relevant industries.
12. Development of a robust funding and sustainability model for the university.
13. Setting up of a committee to review 2015-2020 strategic plan and institution of  modalities for developing a new five year strategic plan for 2021-2026.
14. Strengthening of the IGR base of the university by implementing innovative endowment scheme, improving consultancy services of FUTA BDC in addition to other business strategies.  
15. Development of collaboration with BAYI organization to train 100 young people in Agro-business and empower them to establish integrated farm in Oyo.
16. Completion of the fiber-optics project and computerization of the Registry and Bursary operations.
17. Completion of building projects; School of Environmental Technology phase 2, School of Sciences Phase 3, School of Health and Health Technology, School of Engineering, School of Agric. and Agric. Tech phase 3, Internal Sports Complex and public toilets.
18. Establishment of school of Physical Sciences and School of Life Sciences.
I solicit your support and cooperation in developing a creative, pragmatic and ingenuous ways of generating additional funds to finance our laudable plans and sustain the University.
This New Year, we intend to continue in our efforts at accomplishing the vision of our University. We will continue to make academic excellence and staff and students’ welfare, our utmost priority.
As we begin the New Year, let us learn to appreciate the love we share, and may our days throughout 2020 be filled with bliss, cheer, and uncountable blessings.
I wish you the best of this season and welcome you to the beginning of another decade.
Happy New Year!
1st January, 2020.