Omotoyosi Craig graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering, FUTA in 2011. The search for Excellence took him to South Africa where he enrolled for graduate studies at the University of Stellenbosch. He has won several awards including  the  prestigious South Africa  Young Researcher of the Year Award in 2016 in the course of what is already turning out to be a prodigious academic and research career.
 Craig has earned a Ph.D from the University of Stellenbosch ,South Africa and he is set to contribute to  the ongoing efforts to tackle the continent's energy challenges.
Read excerpt from his area of research interest which fetched him the award and the PhD in 2018

Of all the things that have bombarded Africa over her long history, the sun has blessed us the most.
It has blessed us with colorful vegetation that draws the world to the beauty of Tanzania, Seychelles and South Africa. It has blessed us with the warm tropical weather that keeps our peoples soulful, creating the beautiful music that the world enjoys today. But we are missing out on the Sun’s most abundant gift, pure sustainable renewable energy. Africa is the least energy sufficient continent in the world . The global average power per capital (watts per person) is 309 while many African countries have less than 4.
Canada has an average electrical energy of 14,930 kWh per person per year, Nigeria manages 128 kWh per person per year which equals to 1.46 watt per person

A bulk of this energy, especially in South Africa and Nigeria, is generated from fossil fuels, which drive global warming and threaten our food security as well as our beautiful landscapes.
This is what inspired my research into renewable energy generation. Beyond powering our houses to facilitate out-of-school education, our offices to drive the growth of small and medium enterprises, I am keen on ensuring that environmental degradation does not steal our paradise.