Research Policy

Research can be considered as a systematic activity carried out using well defined methodologies for the purpose of creating new knowledge. Any activity which qualifies as research should have these attributes: it should be systematic, it should contribute to new
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knowledge, and its outcomes should be verifiable. Research is classically categorised as basic research and applied research. Basic research is a systematic investigation of a theoretical of experimental nature, undertaken principally to acquire new knowledge about phenomenon, process or matter without an imminent application in view. Generally, the outcomes of basic research are published or disseminated in scholarly outlets with minimal commercial interests at heart. On the other hand, applied research is the type of research undertaken to discover, interpret, and develop methods and systems which have potential for practical utilization for the advancement of society. Both forms of research are essentially built on enquiry propelled by hypotheses or intellectual positions, which can be verified following rigorous procedures set by experts in the given discipline. A researcher then is someone who creates knowledge following the aforementioned procedures and also disseminates such generated knowledge for the advancement of humanity and society.